New video added to YouTube page!

Hi Everyone,

We have added a new video of a baritone cigar box ukulele at our YouTube page, click below to view and please share!  This is the acoustic version, we will be adding a video/sound clip of the electric version shortly.  It really sounds killer!

Family of 4 ukuleles!

Here are some pictures of a family of 4 ukuleles. These were made to order. The 2 concert scale ukuleles are for my sisters kids. The 2 baritone ukuleles are for orders. I think that I have finally learned how to finish the wood. I will keep it a secret for now. If you want to know, just ask.


Wow! Ukuleles are hot!

Currently we are  building 6 ukuleles.  4 of these are 20″ scale length baritones and 2 will be longer 23″ scale lengths.
I have received orders for 2 ukuleles and decided, “why not” and added to the build.  The necks are roughed out, finger boards cut, mounting holes drilled and stain applied to the bottom of the boxes.

ukulele necks

Baritone Ukulele Necks

Ukulele boxes ready for necks

Ukulele boxes ready for necks