New video added to YouTube page!

Hi Everyone,

We have added a new video of a baritone cigar box ukulele at our YouTube page, click below to view and please share!  This is the acoustic version, we will be adding a video/sound clip of the electric version shortly.  It really sounds killer!

A mock up of another baritone ukulele!

Some pictures of another baritone ukulele.  Shown is the back, front and neck details.  Time to finish and glue the fretboard down.


2nd annual cigar box guitar festival jam

A video from the 2nd annual Pennsylvania Cigar Box Guitar Festival.  Keni is teaching Teddy how to busk for tips..

Keni Lee and Teddy busking, Walkin blues

Here is another video from the same festival

Keni Lee and Teddy busking, Baby please don\’t go blues

A great time was had by all.  Teddy is playing out latest 6 string electric cigar box guitar.

Free Plans – Cigar Box Nation

Wow! what a great way to learn how to make a cigar box guitar.
Josh over at Smokehouse Guitar has published a detailed guide on how to build a Cigar box guitar. This is a much better guide than I was going to do and Josh has given me permission to post the download address here. The book is available on
Please visit the below link and show your support!

A Guide to Advanced Cigar Box Guitar Making –direct download URL
via Guide to advanced cigar box construction