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Six string cigarbox guitar!

Hi, we have just completed a 6 string cigar box guitar.  This guitar features a 5 way pick up selector switch for both the neck and bridge pickups and for acoustic sound a dual piezo pick up.

A video demonstration is on Youtube at:

Some pictures of the instrument below:

6 string cigar box guitar

6 string cigar box guitar

New video added to YouTube page!

Hi Everyone,

We have added a new video of a baritone cigar box ukulele at our YouTube page, click below to view and please share!  This is the acoustic version, we will be adding a video/sound clip of the electric version shortly.  It really sounds killer!

A mock up of another baritone ukulele!

Some pictures of another baritone ukulele.  Shown is the back, front and neck details.  Time to finish and glue the fretboard down.


6 String Electric Cigar Guitar

Just finishing up the latest guitar.  This is a 6 string electric cigar box guitar for my son.  This has telecaster hardware and Gibson scale length.  Note the PRS inspired headstock.

6 string cigar box guitar bridge details for alex

6 string cigar box guitar bridge details for alex

Here is the full picture.

6 string electric cigar box guitar for alex

6 string electric cigar box guitar for alex


So far, the action needs some fine tuning.  We will be bringing this to the 2nd annual Pennsylvania Cigar Box Festival next weekend….

Family of 4 ukuleles!

Here are some pictures of a family of 4 ukuleles. These were made to order. The 2 concert scale ukuleles are for my sisters kids. The 2 baritone ukuleles are for orders. I think that I have finally learned how to finish the wood. I will keep it a secret for now. If you want to know, just ask.


Wow! Ukuleles are hot!

Currently we are  building 6 ukuleles.  4 of these are 20″ scale length baritones and 2 will be longer 23″ scale lengths.
I have received orders for 2 ukuleles and decided, “why not” and added to the build.  The necks are roughed out, finger boards cut, mounting holes drilled and stain applied to the bottom of the boxes.

ukulele necks

Baritone Ukulele Necks

Ukulele boxes ready for necks

Ukulele boxes ready for necks


More Ukuleles!

Here are a couple of ukuleles I made for my niece and nephew…I hope they like them!

Twin Ukuleles, front view

Twin Ukuleles, front view

Twin Ukuleles, side view

Twin Ukuleles, side view

The latest Cigar-Box-Guitar Christmas Album

Cigar Box Christmas


Get your free copy at the link above.

A collection of 40 yuletide songs performed on cigar box guitars and other homemade instruments. From the members of Cigar Box Nation, the #1 resource for free cigar box guitar plans, tutorials and community.

Cover art by Thomas Boatwright. Compiled and produced by Shane Speal. Thanks to Brian Layman and Dan “Iggy” Sleep for technical help.

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Latest Ukulele build

below are some of the construction pictures of this concert Ukulele. Enjoy!

working on a new build. Concert scale ukulele.

Cutting some wood for the neck, 5/4 hard maple, below some neck details.

some mock up details

concert ukulele

Some of the lumber I have for fingerboards,

Lumber for fretboards

I really like the leopard wood.

leopard wood

Most likely I will use this or the orange wood…I like the grain.

Nice grain

wood that is good for fret boards

ebay listing

Check out our latest Ebay listing…

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