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More Ukuleles!

Here are a couple of ukuleles I made for my niece and nephew…I hope they like them!

Twin Ukuleles, front view

Twin Ukuleles, front view

Twin Ukuleles, side view

Twin Ukuleles, side view

Latest Ukulele build

below are some of the construction pictures of this concert Ukulele. Enjoy!

working on a new build. Concert scale ukulele.

Cutting some wood for the neck, 5/4 hard maple, below some neck details.

some mock up details

concert ukulele

Some of the lumber I have for fingerboards,

Lumber for fretboards

I really like the leopard wood.

leopard wood

Most likely I will use this or the orange wood…I like the grain.

Nice grain

wood that is good for fret boards

Latest build…

Currently we are constructing a Cigar Box Uke. The box is ready for assembly, reinforcement was done with rosewood. Small fretwire was ordered as well as bridges and nuts….
Glue up is complete, now to shape the neck. Check back often to see how we are doing.

Video of our first build. A Padron 7000

Here is a video clip of our first attempt at building a Cigar Box Guitar. We used a Padron 7000 box as it had nice wood. After several builds, I belive that this one is the best so far. Enjoy and let us know what you think by adding your comments.

Pennsylvania Cigar Box Festival

Come on down!

Pennsylvania Cigar Box Guitar Festival – August 27, 2011


The Pennsylvania Cigar Box Guitar Festival • August 27, 2011

The Pennsylvania Cigar Box Guitar Festival • August 27, 2011


It’s blues • It’s rock • It’s primal • It’s free

The Pennsylvania Cigar Box Guitar Festival celebrates this traditional, home-made instrument with two stages and live music in downtown York. Both nationally-touring bands and local amateur musicians perform. Think Delta Blues meets local garage band. Food and merchandise vendors combine to make this a family-friendly fun event.




Hello Fans of the Cigar Box! come on in and sit a spell. Pick up an instument and start plucking…

Welcome to our site!  Here you will find cigar box guitars for sale, Instruments of historical significance that we have made and video clips so you can hear them played!.

So far we have made many cigar box guitars, ukuleles, one minstrel banjo and soon to make a cigar box fiddle.

Enjoy the site, comment, ask about instruments for sale.
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