More Ukuleles!

Here are a couple of ukuleles I made for my niece and nephew…I hope they like them!

Twin Ukuleles, front view

Twin Ukuleles, front view

Twin Ukuleles, side view

Twin Ukuleles, side view

Latest Ukulele build!

Below are a couple of pictures of my latest build. This is a baritone Ukulele, Maple neck, Bocote fingerboard. Really exotic woods.

Done!  Really sweet sounding baritone/bocote ukulele.
check out the sound!

Baritone Ukulele

Baritone Ukulele

Finger board ready for frets.

Baritone ukulele fingerboard

bocote fingerboard details showing fret cuts

Another fingerboard picture

bocote fingerboard

bocote fingerboard

Overall presentation of the ukulele

Baritone Ukulele with Bocote fingerboard

Baritone Ukulele with Bocote fingerboard

Free Plans – Cigar Box Nation

Wow! what a great way to learn how to make a cigar box guitar.
Josh over at Smokehouse Guitar has published a detailed guide on how to build a Cigar box guitar. This is a much better guide than I was going to do and Josh has given me permission to post the download address here. The book is available on
Please visit the below link and show your support!

A Guide to Advanced Cigar Box Guitar Making –direct download URL
via Guide to advanced cigar box construction

The latest Cigar-Box-Guitar Christmas Album

Cigar Box Christmas


Get your free copy at the link above.

A collection of 40 yuletide songs performed on cigar box guitars and other homemade instruments. From the members of Cigar Box Nation, the #1 resource for free cigar box guitar plans, tutorials and community.

Cover art by Thomas Boatwright. Compiled and produced by Shane Speal. Thanks to Brian Layman and Dan “Iggy” Sleep for technical help.

Spread the word. Post links to this page on Facebook, Twitter, blogs…here, there, everywhere. Let the world know!

Latest Ukulele build

below are some of the construction pictures of this concert Ukulele. Enjoy!

working on a new build. Concert scale ukulele.

Cutting some wood for the neck, 5/4 hard maple, below some neck details.

some mock up details

concert ukulele

Some of the lumber I have for fingerboards,

Lumber for fretboards

I really like the leopard wood.

leopard wood

Most likely I will use this or the orange wood…I like the grain.

Nice grain

wood that is good for fret boards

ebay listing

Check out our latest Ebay listing…

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I like to wear my top hat–Teddy performing

Teddy’s new song about wearing a top hat, performed while wearing a top hat. Enjoy!

TheCigarguitar sent you a video: “Moonlight Bay- Cigar

Cigar Box Guitar & Ukulele Videos

Here are a couple of videos that we had in our archives. Teddy demonstrating the first cigar box guitar we made, followed by a couple of ukulele demonstrations. Please “friend us” on facebook at!/pages/CigarGuitar/157659390917242
Thanks for listening. We enjoy reading your comments..

Teddy demonstrating at the DC Rock and Roll swap meet

Demo on the CBG, 8 hours long

We now know that Teddy can hold his own with the greats of the past. He played the cigar box guitar for about 8 hours straight. There was lots of interest in the sound and music he was playing. I still had a good time and will do something like this again.

We made a sale and so Teddy got some bells for his feet from his cut. He now has rythm. All he needs now is cymbals for his knees.