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New video added to YouTube page!

Hi Everyone,

We have added a new video of a baritone cigar box ukulele at our YouTube page, click below to view and please share!  This is the acoustic version, we will be adding a video/sound clip of the electric version shortly.  It really sounds killer!

A mock up of another baritone ukulele!

Some pictures of another baritone ukulele.  Shown is the back, front and neck details.  Time to finish and glue the fretboard down.


Family of 4 ukuleles!

Here are some pictures of a family of 4 ukuleles. These were made to order. The 2 concert scale ukuleles are for my sisters kids. The 2 baritone ukuleles are for orders. I think that I have finally learned how to finish the wood. I will keep it a secret for now. If you want to know, just ask.


Wow! Ukuleles are hot!

Currently we are  building 6 ukuleles.  4 of these are 20″ scale length baritones and 2 will be longer 23″ scale lengths.
I have received orders for 2 ukuleles and decided, “why not” and added to the build.  The necks are roughed out, finger boards cut, mounting holes drilled and stain applied to the bottom of the boxes.

ukulele necks

Baritone Ukulele Necks

Ukulele boxes ready for necks

Ukulele boxes ready for necks


More Ukuleles!

Here are a couple of ukuleles I made for my niece and nephew…I hope they like them!

Twin Ukuleles, front view

Twin Ukuleles, front view

Twin Ukuleles, side view

Twin Ukuleles, side view

Latest Ukulele build!

Below are a couple of pictures of my latest build. This is a baritone Ukulele, Maple neck, Bocote fingerboard. Really exotic woods.

Done!  Really sweet sounding baritone/bocote ukulele.
check out the sound!

Baritone Ukulele

Baritone Ukulele

Finger board ready for frets.

Baritone ukulele fingerboard

bocote fingerboard details showing fret cuts

Another fingerboard picture

bocote fingerboard

bocote fingerboard

Overall presentation of the ukulele

Baritone Ukulele with Bocote fingerboard

Baritone Ukulele with Bocote fingerboard

Latest Ukulele build

below are some of the construction pictures of this concert Ukulele. Enjoy!

working on a new build. Concert scale ukulele.

Cutting some wood for the neck, 5/4 hard maple, below some neck details.

some mock up details

concert ukulele

Some of the lumber I have for fingerboards,

Lumber for fretboards

I really like the leopard wood.

leopard wood

Most likely I will use this or the orange wood…I like the grain.

Nice grain

wood that is good for fret boards

TheCigarguitar sent you a video: “Moonlight Bay- Cigar

Cigar Box Guitar & Ukulele Videos

Here are a couple of videos that we had in our archives. Teddy demonstrating the first cigar box guitar we made, followed by a couple of ukulele demonstrations. Please “friend us” on facebook at!/pages/CigarGuitar/157659390917242
Thanks for listening. We enjoy reading your comments..

Back from the rock and roll swap meet

Whew, finished the 2 Ukuleles’ this morning. Had to install the strings on the way down.

Pictures of Teddy playing at our table. We should have charged $5.00 to stand and listen. Lots of interest and lots of people thinking about building their own. Not a lot of buyers. oh well…

Teddy doing a Cigar box guitar demo