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If you are reading this page then I hope you want to know more about how to get that custom guitar or ukulele you have been wanting!

First, if you are in a hurry and want one NOW, check and see if we have any on Ebay right now.

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Can’t find what you want on Ebay?  No problem!  Just follow the steps below and you will have your own instrument in a few days!

  1. Do you want a cigar box guitar or cigar box ukulele?  How about something else?  Just ask.
  2. What woods would you like for the neck?  I usually use hard maple, tiger maple, popular, cherry, walnut.
  3. What wood would you like for the finger board?  I have used bocote, rosewood, ebony, walnut, maple and cherry.  Want something else? Ask!
  4. Hey, you need a box to make a cigar box instrument.  I can send you pictures of what I have in stock.  Want a specific box?  Let me know!
  5. Want special strings?  No problem!
  6. I use geared mini tuners.
  7. Bridges are usually rosewood and float on guitars, fixed on ukuleles.
  8. Piezo pickups are standard on guitars with 1/4″ jack.  Let me know if you want one on a ukulele
  9. Sound holes can be with brass ring trim or I can cut F-holes.
  10. Finish is standard with lacquer.  Both the box and neck.  Bare wood boxes are stained with either stain or shellac.

Most of the above options are available at NO CHARGE.  If I have to get really creative or obtain something exotic we will have a conversation about it.

How much will a custom instrument cost?  Glad you asked.  How about starting at only $125.00!(basic 3 string or ukulele)  If you want a fully decked out 6 string with electric pickups and truss rod, plan on $250.00.

I don’t think you can buy an average ukulele for that.  You will receive one that everyone will want to take a look at and try out.

The sound of the instruments has to be heard to be understood.  The guitars sound like the old blues records of the early 20th century.  The ukuleles have a sound that will rival any store bought ukulele.  Still not convinced?  Check out our YouTube page at:

Ready to know more or place an order?

Shoot me an email at: I will be happy to get back to you and discuss the details.

Happy Picking!

Herb Berwald, CigarGuitar

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